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Sonam Kapoor and Malaika in Kanna jewellers

The best way to accept a jewelry trend is when the celebrities adorn these styles. Celebrity Jewelry plays a key role in defining the latest trends and to cultivate an acceptance among people pertaining to the fancy changing trends in the fashion industry. 

Although each of the celebrity in the industry has its own unique sense of style, the fashionistas of Bollywood and the one's whose get-up is usually very talked-about are the two beautiful ladies. Sonam Kapoor and Malaika Arora have been the gorgeous woman who always has their style on point. Their pick among jewelry has always been so strong that it feels like a Midas touch. Anything they wear becomes a trend.

Today, in this collection they are sported wearing some exquisite pieces by Kanna Jewelers. The pieces are examples of some aesthetically oriented craftsmanship with studded diamonds combined with precious stones. 

Sonam Kapoor and Malaika in Kanna jewellers

Sonam Kapoor looks mesmerizing in the choker in the above picture that displays a beautiful choker themed necklace with a design that drops extending the choker to a long necklace. The necklace comprises of a choker band embedded with interlinked Polki diamonds merged with pink ruby beads. 

The necklace is designed in a beautiful setting of all these elements to deliver an exquisite piece. What adds dimension to this piece is the hanging designs from the choker. They are elaborate and bold diamond crystal rocks. It includes rock patterned embedded in diamonds with white beads and golden outline. The mix-match of the color pattern looks ethnic and has a very beautiful feel to it. 

Sonam Kapoor and Malaika in Kanna jewellers

The above piece is amongst the beast beauties within this collection. It is a huge choker that spreads around the collar neck reaching the chest. It is one of the examples of grand jewelry with heavy work and craftsmanship proven to the core. Malaika Arora just multiplies the grace of the piece by two folds with her charm and strong personality. 

The design structure of this choker is such that the patterns are blocks with huge detailing in different layer steps. The first three layers have huge cut diamonds followed by hearts at the bottom. 

The theme is in gold, green and diamond elements. The huge green emerald beads and south sea pearls hanging at the bottom.  

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