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Antique Kundan Sets by Manubhai

Women who are up with trends know what is new and refreshing they tend to pick up what is latest in the market and extraordinary from the collection they already possess in their wardrobe. To keep you up with that, we are here facilitating daily unique trends to keep you updated.

Today, we have a collection by Manubhai of antique Kundan sets that have a traditional feel to it and has a very heavy layout- The designs are owned by a complete gold base with some craftsmanship playing their magic to create a contrast. The designs are magical and each piece is exquisite to its own style. It explains the pride these jewelers will add on to a woman's wardrobe.

Antique Kundan Sets by Manubhai

This antique long chain is magnificent in its design and craftsmanship is another kind of traditional jewelry. The design is again based on intricate crafted thin line patterns like a net. The patterns are in a criss-cross net and other ways combined together to give a very pleasing piece of jewel. The entire haram has a bigger pendant sort of a thing.  The pendant is embellished as a drop-down from the necklace. It has ruby beads embedded on it with green emerald studded right at the center.  The entire neck chain has different structures and is embellished with rubies and emeralds to give a slight hint of color. It is also followed by the gold bead chain as drop-down hanging from the necklace. 

Antique Kundan Sets by Manubhai

This is a design par excellence and makes it to the modern trend in temple jewellery. The necklace follows the same pattern as the first piece. It has a beaded string in pumpkin structure. What adds layer and finishes the neckpiece with awesomeness is the pendant locket. The Locket is like an entrance to a temple with netted poles on either side. A nakshi work displayed in the god miniature looks quite appealing. There is a small pendant with another miniature extended in a larger one. The bottom has hanging beads to it. Overall, it looks very splendid and straight from the royal era.

Antique Kundan Sets by Manubhai

The unique quality of this type of jewelry is that it gives a very raw feel in terms of the final look because of the metallic brassy finish given to the piece. The theme of the necklace is pure gold with hints of color in the form of pink rubies. Along with that, rounded beads in white and green are also attached to it. The chain is in two layers, one is a multi-layer setting of white beads interlinked with each other whereas the second layer is on the lines of kasu haram design with coins dropping from the chain. 

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