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Pearls and Coral Beads Necklaces

Beads fascinate us! As you might have already figured form the posts we do beads jewelry is something that is never going out of trend. Especially, these days the beads jewelry is seeing so much advancement in terms of designs and mix and match combination with stones and other kinds of work that proves beads are here to stay!   

In the following design collection, we are playing with pearls and coral beads. Beads are known to be a fit for all the formal occasions and look really classy when worn. It is the most underestimated in the Indian jewelry market but has a look that can not be a turnaround too.

Pearls and Coral Beads Necklaces

The entire set has pastel summery feel into it with the starking coral amalgamation in beads and pearl format. The necklace adds some scarlet-y gules into this post. Yes, we are talking about the neckpiece which has a stunning diamond embellished coral structures as a drop-down from the pearl necklace woven around as choker. The entire coral theme with the glitz and glitter that diamonds bring in, on and on it makes it such a beautiful piece- as simply as we can describe it. 

Pearls and Coral Beads Necklaces

The next in the collection is a line-up of beads once again but more towards the side of coral beads in wholesome. The beads are again mashed up in different layers interlinked with each other in a combination such as coral and white pearls with golden molds. It is a very simple and decent beads necklace piece that can be matched with any outfit with a beautiful floral side motif. The coral bead sare in a cylindrical subtle structure. The mold is in a floral shape and creates quite a contrast with the beaded necklace. 

Pearls and Coral Beads Necklaces

The polki earrings have a polki work outlay with uncut diamonds embedded on the designs with a coral theme attached to it by the big bead droplet at the bottom. The mix of beads and diamond with precious stones are fusion end together to carve out an ethnic yet fine jewelry piece. The earring has closely knitted ruby beads arranges in a rectangular design with small cut diamonds in the borders of it.

The coral earrings top has a droplet layout with diamonds embedded in a circular manner. It is a beautiful earring perfect to pair it up with a cocktail dress.

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