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Black Beads Coral Necklaces

Trends is all about twisting and mix-matching the existing styles and modernizing them different elements to weave something fresh. Today's collection is all about the innovation of new styles in existing molds. The latest to join the trends is coral black beads necklaces. 

The black beads necklace is traditional jewelry and the most celebrated simple jewelry piece of a woman. It has a common uniform pattern. It is defined by black beads strings circling over the neck and joins with a pendant. The collection presented here is a mix of coral beads into the black bead set up. 

Black Beads Coral Necklaces

The above black beads necklace has two layers of thin beaded chain with black and gold going around the neck. It is then joined by a pendant at the center with two motifs on each side. The necklace is a mid-length short necklace with a typical south Indian feel to it with the usage of elements. 

The center has a cylindrical coral bead with golden molds on either side. On both sides of the coral bead, there is a beautiful setting of rice beads put together. the rice beads are in multiples and stuck together in a bouquet set. The white and the coral color theme with gold and black beads give a very subtle yet effective look. 

Black Beads Coral Necklaces

Similar to the one above but a more subtle look is reeked by this beaded chain necklace. It has interlinks of tiny black beads in multiple layers as the chain. At the center, there is a beads based locket. Whereas the pendant is concerned it has rudraksha beads and coral cylindrical beads mixed with each other. It is a very simple layout and yet so colorful and good to wear at lighter occasions. It is a great design to be worn on occasion when you want to skip the necklace and go for a simple neck look. 

                                                Black Beads Coral Necklaces
This one is a very different variety apart from the ones showcased above. It has a gold chain in which all the elements are weaved around to put together a beautiful piece. The chain has an interlinked design. 

In the center, there is a golden diamond shaped squared blocked pendant. On either side of this pendant are coral cylindrical beads which are a common theme of the entire collection presented in this post. It also has a black bead motif styled placed at either side of the beginning of the pendant. 

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