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Bride Groom Jewellery Ideas

Bride Groom Jewellery Ideas

All the would-be brides and the ones who have already been through the bridal fever would agree to the fact that how taxing it can be to put out the best look for your wedding day and so for the other occasions. Especially, Indian weddings are known for their touch of glamor associated with each department of weddings. But, at the same time, there are also groom jewelry trends that exist. They look royal and are mostly in beads set up to accentuate the grooms look in their sherwani. 

To help you with the latest trends in the bridegroom sets we have a collection of bridal sets worn by grooms and bride in this post to help you have an idea on how you can design your look. These pieces are some exquisite south Indian jewelry styled broad diamond sets. 

This collection is showcased by the real bride and groom itself hence showing real wedding jewelry.  The sets are a part of heavy jewelry for brides who wish to go totally ethnic with their look with a touch of Midas to their jewelry. All constitute a part of the diamond wedding jewelry with precious stones also a part of it. They are exclusive and have a look of their own. Let's look at the sets one by one.

Bride Groom Jewellery Ideas

The groom is wearing a multi-layer beaded necklace that goes around the neck in emerald beads and gold rounded beads. The beads are also designed and combined with various color schemes and patterns to create that ethnic effect yet construing to the current theme.

The next in the collection is a line-up of beads once again but more towards the side of a ruby in wholesome. The beads are again mashed up in different layers interlinked with each other in a combination such as ruby and diamond links. It is a very simple and decent beads necklace piece that can be matched with any outfit with a beautiful floral side motif. 

The most essential of all in a brides closet is a mid-length necklace that starts as a choker. It's long,  yet starts from the collar of the neck and broader in design and overall gives a very heavy yet elegant look. This one is on those lines. The heavy pendant located right at the center is so dreamy in its intricate diamond setting with ruby stones. 

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