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Emerald Drops Sets by Omprakash Jewellers

Women who are up with trends know what is new and refreshing they tend to pick up what is latest in the market and extraordinary from the collection they already possess in their wardrobe. To keep you up with that, we are here facilitating daily unique trends to keep you updated.

Beads have been the trends that have come from the grandmoms. These have been there for ages and that is how the trend exists. It gives color to your jewelry and they look a mix of both westernized and ethnic look. They can be worn along outfits to give you a glamour westernized look.

This collection is all woven around the bead and especially emerald drops. It consists of heavy necklaces with green beads partnered with other precious stones to churn out some exclusive pieces. It has beautiful Kundan necklaces presented by Omprakash Jewellers. 

Emerald Drops Sets by Omprakash Jewellers

This is a magnificent patakam haram design fully embedded in precious tones and beads to give it a very exclusive look. The necklace is purely based out of emerald beads and paired infusion with a diamond-studded and matched with pearls design structure. The floral marks that form the bottom layer grace with the huge pendant right in the center of it surrounded by cut diamond pieces and ruby embellishments. There are different layers of beads on the piece and thus makes this long chain a stunning piece made of some precious colored stones.

It is more of an ethnic look with traditionality intact through the usage of elements to craft this exquisite piece that comes with matching earrings. The earrings also have a layout in a similar color scheme with a green bead dropping from the bottom.

Emerald Drops Sets by Omprakash Jewellers

This variety of necklace is quite different from the first one in a way that it is a multi-layer beaded necklace that goes around the neck and does not have any pendant or so. It is a band going around the neck with diamonds as the highlight of all the embellishments with a mix of pink stones embedded on the designs.

The green beads are also designed and combined with various color schemes and patterns to create that ethnic effect yet construing to the current theme. The center of the choker has a green emerald jaded at the center.

The color splash in this design theme is mesmerizing and very appealing. There is basically a single color bead that forms the entire chain in the repetition of settings. It involves a green bead with patterns on it then involves pears followed by a golden and green beaded rounded ball sort of design. Each of them is interlinked with each other through gold designs that hold them together.

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