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Brides in Kundan Mango and Bottu Mala

Brides in Kundan Mnago and Bottu Mala

If you are somebody partial to Kundan work and the richness the Kundan pieces exhibit, today's collection is curated for the likes of you. The beauty of Kundan lies in the distinguished craftsmanship it displays and the kind of cultural parity is adorns through its designs.

It is a collection of beautiful brides in Kundan Mango and Bottu Mala necklaces.

The long necklace has that peacock slant over the top part that looks so lovely and pleasing to the eyes. It is finished by a beautiful pendant at the bottom. The drop earrings reek grace and elegance.

The red beads embedded gold-based necklace has a very Kundan feel to it mostly because of its hard design structure. It is an entire scape of gold with Laxmi design over it studded with flat diamonds and hints of color from ruby stone and a green emerald bead hanging from the bottom of the choker. The set has a three-layered necklace interlinked with each other. The topmost one is the choker with green beads embedded hanging at the bottom.

Brides in Kundan Mnago and Bottu Mala

If you are looking for a break from fine jewelry and want to experiment your bridal look with contemporary antique styles then this is the necklace for you. The necklace is an interlink of a broad chain with green and white small beads hanging over the chain. The green and white combination works really well with this piece. The pendant incorporates small ruby beads linked with each other. The multiple layering is what works really well especially with the broad pendant.

Brides in Kundan Mnago and Bottu Mala

If you are into shiny pieces of jewelry made out in the fancy of diamonds and gold with hints of other precious stones to add a slight hint of color then these are just what you can think of. It is a mid-length necklace with huge patternised blocks of gold crafted around diamond embellishments in huge numbers. It is a perfect combination of gold and diamonds gelled up together to craft an exquisite piece of Laxmi haram.

The pendant has goddess Laxmi carved onto it in pure 22-carat gold with a diamond branch-like embellishments around it. Falling from this set are golden designed beads hanging from the pendant as well as the chain. There are green emerald stones and rubies placed in a distance that brings a tinge of color to the piece. 

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