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Meena Work Fancy Beads Necklaces

Color is an element in jewelry that if overdone can go really wrong but if arranged in subtle settings can really pop out the look of the jewelry. One of the famous works in jewelry that revolves around color and patterns is the Meena work tracing it reigns from Rajasthan the northern part of India. 

The collection in this post is also a splash of colors with Meena work necklaces. The necklaces have fancy beads in pastel colors and bright colors with matching earrings to complete the set. The collection is quite different from the regular collection of jewelry and looks very fresh and trendy.  

Meena Work Fancy Beads Necklaces

The heavy necklace is a subtle spread of pastel blue beads in multiple layers with motifs stuck on it that has a golden shaft with pink beads as hanging drops on the motifs. It merges into a wide rectangular pendant with a frame design carved out of gold. 

The overall theme is a mix of pastel blue and pink that continues on the pendant too since the beads hang at the bottom of the pendant as drops. The earring also has to match Meena work to the pendant and same fall of beads like that of the necklace., 

Meena Work Fancy Beads Necklaces

This is a magical pair of necklace crafted in various combination of elements. It has gold designs, colorful bead, Meena Kundan necklace work patterns, and drops beads in various color. The mix of beads and diamond with precious stones are fusion end together to carve out an ethnic yet fine jewelry piece. It has pink beads in multiple layers from the top with diamond embellishments and motifs s attached at the bottom of these layers. The pendant has a floral layout with blue rounded Meena work gold plated slates put together in a circular manner. It also has a beautiful earring perfect to pair it up with ethnic outfits. The vibrancy of colors of this necklace is the talking point of it. 

Meena Work Fancy Beads Necklaces

The color pink is always something that most of the ladies adore since it has a very beautiful feel around it. This necklace is themed around pastel pink color with hues of green and cream amalgamated into the design. The necklace has pink beads in multiple layers with rounded gold motifs on it. The necklace also has a huge carved pendant with brass gold and cream mix of designs.

Overall it also has transparent unstructured crystal stones hanging as drops from the necklace and pendant.  The earrings are also big jhumkas complementing the necklace with green and pink beads as the central element of the jhumka collection. 

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