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Silver Metal Kundan Mango Necklace Choker

Silver jewelry is a new trend that is creating a stir in the jewelry business. It is affordable and looks as good and authentic as gold jewelry. The way these pieces are made is that they are blended on 9.25-carat silver jewelry and then plated with gold to give it a golden finish.

This process cuts down the cost of the necklace but looks as elegant as a real one. This collection contains a list of beautiful silver metal Kundan necklaces and choker also in mango designs.
Silver Metal Kundan Mango Necklace Choker
A beautiful band choker embedded in precious stones and faux diamonds to deliver an exquisite look. The band choker goes around the neck and has a floral pattern in the center with block patterns in green emerald towards the rim. Silver Metal Kundan Mango Necklace Choker
The top and bottom has laid out golden balls on the choker as spokes. In this picture you can see the chokers magic as the model sports it on her neck. It looks really charming and will definitely outshine any outfit you wish to pair it up with.
Silver Metal Kundan Mango Necklace Choker
The colorful spread in this kundan necklace is designed with ultimate detailing of various stones. Emerald plays the key role as it is an integral part of the design with ruby beads embedded on the design and bordered by small diamond embellishments.

Silver Metal Kundan Mango Necklace Choker

The mango haram has a very important place in the south Indian culture and forms an essential part of the art of south Indian jewellery. It basically has mango shaped design incorporated in harams. The next necklace in the collection is also on these lines. It is a beautiful mango haram in silver metal with gold polish. 
Silver Metal Kundan Mango Necklace Choker
Silver Metal Kundan Mango Necklace Choker

The necklace is a long haram with heavy artwork design all embedded in diamonds. The necklace basically has mango patterns all over it with emerald and ruby beads in alternative settings with a diamond spread around it. The necklace leads to a beautiful pendant at the center.

The pendant drops from the center as it is linked to the chain. The pendant has floral patterns merged with some intricate detailing in designs around it. The pendant has a mix of diamond, emerald and ruby beads spreader over the beautiful design. It also has gold polished round balls hanging from the bottom of the necklace. 

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