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Bottu Necklace in 9.25 silver

Following the trend of 92.5 silver jewelry, we have yet another traditional jewelry collection in silver metal. They are heavy necklace pieces with a pendant all silver plated and showcasing the Kundan work.

The offered pieces are proof of excellent workmanship and make a mark with the artisan's extraordinary piece of work and take away attention from the fact that they are silver plated.

They are all embedded in diamond settings and other precious stones that make it look rich in ethnicity and rooting traditional jewelry. Let's have a look at these pieces one by one.
Bottu Necklace in 9.25 silver

This mid-length necklace reminds so much of antique style and gives vintage feels. The band that goes around the neck is studded with flat diamond sets. The detailing is so intricate and fresh and looks great with the entire hanging drops.

Bottu Necklace in 9.25 silver
The necklace has a unique brassy feel on it and is majorly themed around the color pink. It has a floral shaped design interlinked with a diamond going around as the first layer. Beneath this layer, we have rounded hanging drops in rounded shapes. Each of them is highly embedded with ruby beads with a hint of emerald beads and a spread of diamonds. Ruby beads are the highlight of this Kundan work jewelry and stand out as a prominent color.
Bottu Necklace in 9.25 silver

The pendant has a very antique and vintage feel to it and by the first look, it gives a very flamboyant and royal feel. It has a very bold design involving bold carving designs made out of 9.25 silver with gold polish throughout the pendant in a 3D structure format. It has a star design at the center bordered by circles with carvings in colorful beads layering at the borders. The pendant is a two-layer design with gold balls hanging from the bottom and placed at the top in spokes shape. Both the layers have a combination of golden mesh beads and is overall highlighted with ruby beads all over the pattern. The pendant has the slightest hint of emerald beads and diamonds to create a contrast from the pink hangover.

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