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Ganesh and Lakshmi Floral Kante Designs

Hasil necklace is a very Rajasthani proprietory jewelry style that has evolved over the years. Earlier it was very common in silver jewelry that women from the rural north used to wear. But over the time it has overcome to be included in the modern jewelry style. The collection in this post is also about Hasil designs with a temple jewelry incorporation all embedded in gold. 

The designs are unique in style and have Ganesha and Lakshmi Floral Kante Designs over the pattern. They are uniquely carved out of precious gemstones designed to give a classic touch. 
Ganesh and Lakshmi Floral Kante Designs

This is a very traditional Ganesh Kante necklace with a Hasil broad necklace pattern with carved structures on it. The pendant adorned in the center has a Ganesha structure right in its center surrounded with precious stones like emerald beads embedded in a semi-circular manner. The layers around the Ganesha are peculiarly designed with three different layers. The first one has polki diamonds followed by green beads and packaging it with golden beads. 

The pendant has a kante design on the top with pearl tops and a crown-like design that elaborated the pendant layout. 
Ganesh and Lakshmi Floral Kante Designs

The next one is a very fascinating design that has a very royal outlook with the design pattern and the unique combination of polki diamonds and gold layout. The highlight is the Lakshmi structure right in the center of the necklace which is an extended pendant through the Hasil necklace. 

The necklace has a very tribal structure around the Mughal inspired Hasil which extends to a unique ethnic design that has peacocks carved in a very unique manner with a hint of red bead on each side. The polki diamond layering around the pendant also brings a different feel to the entire necklace that reeks royalty. 

Ganesh and Lakshmi Floral Kante Designs

The last one is different among the collection especially because of the more color involvement in the necklace in terms of the pink and green beads combination over a floral layout in the pendant. The Hasil has a very overpowering carving on it that throws a very ethnic feel to the necklace. 

The necklace has a more elaborate pendant which is the important highlight of the entire necklace. The combination is designed in such a way that the pink beads have more importance and collaborated with a few green beads that make it very appealing. 

The common aspect in terms of design in all three necklaces is the Kante designs in from of gold beads around the pendant.

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