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Curved Diamond Emerald Sets Studs

Curved Diamond Emerald Sets Studs

The uncut diamond or polki speaks a lot about the subtle glamour of jewelry designed around it. Especially if the diamonds are coordinated around precious stones like emeralds and rubies the product is something that outshines in its designs and sparkles over your entire look.

The collection in the talk in this post involves Curved Diamond Emerald Sets Studs and Ruby studs that are a beautiful collection to be involved with your fine jewelry stock and will look great over a cocktail dress or a western plated saree.

Let's look at the first earring in the picture which is a splash of green in terms of the stones and beads used to design this invigorating piece.

The earring first has a stud which is adorned by a huge emerald stone that has a floral design carved over it which is really appealing in the entire pair of earring. It is followed by a drop of diamond-embellished design with a hint of polki through the diamonds placed on the hanging of the earring. The emerald sways it back in the design with the emerald beads surrounding the entire diamond structure on the earring.

Curved Diamond Emerald Sets Studs

Moving on we have ruby themed studs in two different pairs that are more of a contrasting nature with similar design aspect. Both the studs are conceptualized around the floral theme and have a combination of diamond and rubies. 

The first one has an outer layer as rubies with the inner circle embellished with cut diamond pieces with a huge triangular diamond rock sparkling in the center. 

The second one is a reverse design of the first one with polki diamonds forming the outside layer of the design and the center having a huge ruby rock embedded. Both the studs are really classy in their design form mainly because of the subtle use of elements and the minimal approach given to the design. 

Curved Diamond Emerald Sets Studs

The last one is a complete set involving a choker necklace and matching long earrings with it all woven around the emerald theme. The choker has a band with contrasting diamond and emerald huge stoned packaged around diamond embellishments and uniquely patterned drops in the form of green beads extended over by the huge pearly whites at the bottommost layer.  

The earrings follow the same theme with a huge emerald rock as the stud covered with diamond and green beads drops all over it.

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