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Jewellery Ideas for Indian Brides

The rainy season is about to set giving rise to the most favorite wedding season of all the would-be brides. Since the preparations might have already started ringing at your door we thought to help you out with your trousseau selection. 

Here, in the discussion today we have a collection Indian brides and the kind of jewelry they opted for on their big day. The collection is an inspiration to many brides out there involving the latest trends and fashion. This might give some ideas to incorporate for your own big day since it is an extensive collection involving a variety of elements. 

Jewellery Ideas for Indian Brides

The bride in the above picture along with the bridesmaids has a pattern of diamond-embellished fancy sets with a tinge of green through the emerald rock. The sets are a part of the fine jewelry collection and have a very unique finesse in terms of the design. 

The chokers are paired with long harams as a part of the south Indian jewelry trends. The spread of diamond-embellished structures sparkles out in a beautiful manner ad sizzle out in the best way possible. 

The entire trousseau paired with the choker and harams is also in the same mesmerizing pattern to complete the look fully. The embedded green emerald rock at the center of the choker minimizes in size through the hanging harams which are a very sleek pattern followed through the set. 

Jewellery Ideas for Indian Brides

The other bride in the collection has yet again paired a very sleek south Indian traditional look by combining the jewelry hues very elegantly with the biege saree. Since the saree is towards a lighter tone the twist is brought through the elaborate choker and the long length haram paired with it that completes the look. 

The choker has south sea pearls as drops and an emerald stone in the center. It also has a hint of rubies in the bottom layer of the choker just before the south sea pearls start to take over. 

Jewellery Ideas for Indian Brides

Lastly, we move towards a brighter range that complements the warm tone clothes. The bride has a layering of necklaces starting from choker that extends upto the waist. All are great examples of fine jewelry involving a honeycomb structure of diamond embellishments all over. 

The extensively filled neck is complemented with sleek bangles and earrings followed by a head covering mang tikka. 

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