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Temple Kundan Sets by Amarsons

Kundan is the most celebrated work through generations since it is a part of the jewelry culture for very long. It has been developed and used in fusion with a lot of other trendy jewelry elements but yet stands out in its own structure. Another celebrated work from centuries is the genre of temple jewelry which has still not lost its touch all through the South. 

The collection in this post is also a variety of necklaces in Kundan work paired up with Nakshi necklace all forming a part of temple jewelry. 

The part that accentuates these antique necklace styles is the amalgamation of some precious stones in a collaboration that altogether has proven effective to the beautifully designed piece. 
Temple Kundan Sets by Amarsons

The theme of the necklace is pure gold with hints of color in the form of pink rubies and other precious stones. With that what stands out separately are the white rice beads falling from the pendant and the necklace that creates a contrast from the vintage gold look of the necklace.

The chain is in two layers, one is a multi-layer floral setting of gold patterns merged with layers of embedded ruby beads all through the pattern. The second layer has a drop pattern in the center and on the sides with white beads interlinked with each other.

Temple Kundan Sets by Amarsons

The highlight of this design is the necklace is again divided into a scape of antique gold in Kundan work style. The necklace again has a layout of alternative floral and rounded structured gold patterns with floral patterns having ruby beads and cut diamond embellished on it. 

The most bottom layer of the necklace has numerous white rice beads with drop designs hanging over the oval-shaped pendant and all through the necklace. The pendant also has a traditional temple jewelry structure with a green bead at the center. 

Temple Kundan Sets by Amarsons

The short length necklace, almost like a choker leaves the collarbone and strats from the bottom but is still tightly cuffed through the neck. The design has god miniatures assembled with alternative leaf and loral designs embedded with fancy pink beads and small green beads. 

The elaborate designs of a collage shape made over the central layer with gold embedded in diamonds look really elegant and rich. The rice beads, that are a common pattern through the entire collection also brings the body to the necklace. 

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