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Brides in Polki Diamond Jewellery

Here, in the post today we have a collection portraying Indian brides in beautiful polki styles with a traditional ethnic mix. One can easily take inspiration from these designs to style the kind of jewelry for their big day. The collection is an inspiration to many brides out there involving the latest trends and fashion. This might give some ideas to incorporate for your own big day since it is an extensive collection involving a variety of elements.

All the three pieces are conceptual pieces great for bridal jewelry that talk a lot about the craftsmanship because of its exquisite design and make. The offered pieces are proof of excellent workmanship and make a mark with the artisan's extraordinary piece of work.

Brides in Polki Diamond Jewellery

The mango necklace is a long haram with heavy artwork design all embedded in diamonds. The necklace basically has mango patterns all over it with emerald and ruby beads in alternative settings with a diamond spread around it. The necklace leads to a beautiful pendant at the center.

The pendant drops from the center as it is linked to the chain. The pendant has floral patterns merged with some intricate detailing in designs around it. The pendant has a mix of diamond, emerald and ruby beads spreader over the beautiful design. It also has gold polished round balls hanging from the bottom of the necklace.

Brides in Polki Diamond Jewellery

The choker is an elongated one designed to cover a major part of the neck and fully studded made with gold and a green emerald at the bottom boasting big fuller designs. It has a grand look to it with all the detailing and par excellence craftsmanship explored by the designers.

The work is very notable and commendable in the sense that the design reeks of elegance and exuberance. The long bridal necklace set is so glitzy in nature with all the augmented diamonds and structures on it that it is difficult to skip on it. It also has green round beads dropping from the bottom which gives it an excellent finish.

Brides in Polki Diamond Jewellery

These styles are fashionable pieces of long necklace marked with beautiful yet simple designs embedded in huge flat diamonds. The long necklace has a floral artwork with  Polki diamond-studded pieces with a lining in yellow beads. The necklace has a chain of links between these floral structures and Polki diamond pice that leads on to a drop line pendant.

The choker also has a layout of alternative floral and rounded structured gold patterns with floral patterns having south sea pearl beads and cut diamond embellished on it. 

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