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Beads Necklace with Kundan Lockets

Beads Necklace with Kundan Lockets

All you lovely ladies who will ship for colorful jewellery anytime over anything else, we have got something interesting for you in store with this post. Like we already hinted, the post is an amalgamation of designs that has colors in it and a very vibrant feel attached to it. Because we agree with when you say colors pop out a different aesthetic look altogether to an outfit.

The collection is not just color driven and peppy, but also has a very traditional feel to it mainly because of the kundan work these lockets showcase. So without building it up more, let's get into details on each of the pieces.

Coral beads antique necklace. 

The shade coral is a very lively color that represents life and light. It is one of the most preferred colors when it comes to trousseaus. This is what is the template for the neckpiece in the picture above. The shades used in the piece are green, purple and of course, coral. The chain has a layering of emerald beads and purple beads that create a nice vibrant contrast. Followed by big beads hanging through the chain that is in shaded of pink. There are light pink pears and coral pearls matched with golden beads in between.

Beads Necklace with Kundan Lockets

Watermelon seeds kundan pendant necklace

Kundan work represents royalty and splendor. It always stands out in any form and structure. Following the same pattern, this piece delivers yet another kundan beauty in the form of this pendant. But before we talk about the star pendant lets out some highlight on the chain. The beaded chain with big green motifs complements the kundan pendant really well.

The pendant looks like a royal tray served with unique designs over it embedded with pink rubies. What adds a little dynamism to this elegant piece is the hanging beads from and a single jhumka again embedded with pink beads falling through the tray-like structure.

Beads Necklace with Kundan Lockets

Green beads necklace with kundan pendant

If you are looking for a break from gold and other metallic chains, then this is a breather for you. The chain incorporates small green beads linked with each other. The multiple layering is what works really well especially with the broad pendant. Following the theme of this post, it has a kundan pendant layered that has two peacocks meeting together from where drops a hanging locket embedded in pink rubies. The green and pink combination works really well with this piece. 

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