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Simple Gold Necklaces by Naj Jewellery

Simple Gold Necklaces by Naj Jewellery

Naj jewellers bring you a wide range of simple jewellery carved out of gold. These designs have a unique blend of stones and mostly concentrated on gold designs. If you are someone who likes imaginative designs rather than a diamond-studded pattern piece then you should definitely check out these.  

The posts consist of designs in beads, some aesthetic driven creative pendant jewellery, uniquely designed chain and unmatchable work woven around these pieces. In the collection, firstly, we have a golden beaded pendant. It is a simple yet impactful design where the beads are structured in a totem pattern running through the entire neckpiece. There are side motifs designed in a rudraksha pattern. Like they say, the piece has a very Midas touch to it. It is paired with matching jhumkas that break the beaded pattern with a peacock designed top and hanging jhumka. 

Simple Gold Necklaces by Naj Jewellery

The next design is in a combination of pearls and gold with some studded precious stones over it. The chain has huge pearls on a simple thin chain that looks very sleek and minimal. The design is highlighted with a striking big pendant. It has pearls hanging through it with a few rubies and emerald that break the monotony. The peacock design is entirely in gold whereas the rest of it is studded in diamonds.

Simple Gold Necklaces by Naj Jewellery

This is a design par excellence and makes it to the modern trend in temple jewellery. The necklace follows the same pattern as the first piece. It has a beaded string in pumpkin structure. What adds layer and finishes the neckpiece with awesomeness is the pendant locket. The Locket is like an entrance to a temple with netted poles on either side. A nakshi work displayed in the god miniature looks quite appealing. There is a small pendant with another miniature extended in a larger one. The bottom has hanging beads to it. Overall, it looks very splendid and straight from the royal era.

Simple Gold Necklaces by Naj Jewellery

The first thing your eyes fall on in this piece of beauty is the spade-shaped design that has a 3D lift to it. The pendant is bordered and has a floral shape in the center both decorated by rubies. The chain is decently designed with beaded lines in nakshi kundan work with the center layer in rubies. The pendant also has small green and pink beads hanging through the ends.

The entire collections boast the vintage theme with a very antique finish to it that looks very aesthetic driven. 

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