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Emerald Sets by Satyanarayana & Sons

The color green symbolizes life, energy, harmony and most importantly nature. It is a warm color that celebrates strength and power too. It has various meanings that lead to a positive pipeline. The reason, why we are obsessing over this color, is because the collection in this post is curated around the green theme.

Emerald Sets by Satyanarayana & Sons

Not just green, but emeralds are the binding force of this theme. Green emeralds hold umpteen significance- it being the most calming color. The collection is an amalgamation of green beads in different kind of neck pieces paired up with gold and diamonds.  The pieces are presented by Satyanarayana & Sons. 

The setting in the first one involves green emeralds cut in a square in decent sizes. The design is an amalgamation of diamonds studded over the entire creation. There are 3 layers in this piece each having a similar design from the other. Green emeralds are adjoined by flowers dipped in diamonds and bordered by a thin line of small cut diamonds.

The piece is a very classy piece that is ought to bring out the style in any kind of outfit. The design does not involve any heavy kind of work or so. It is a basic design yet so impactful. The diamond and the green emerald combination can never go wrong and this piece is proof for the same.

Emerald Sets by Satyanarayana & Sons

The other one is a very basic beaded mala fully made in green beads. It is a multi-layered necklace with layers counting up to almost five of them. The design is a very common one working its way through the years but hasn't lost its charm as of yet. The green beads are knitted together with golden pipes. It is a fairly long chain that reeks class and sophistication and is versatile in a sense that it can be paired with whole different kinds of outfits.

Emerald Sets by Satyanarayana & Sons

Another addition to the green emerald collection is this charming long chain necklace. It is a very simple design yet so effective and very pleasing to the eyes. The entire necklace is woven around with green emeralds clasped closely side by side. The clasping is done by linking these emeralds by gold links. The green monotony is broken by refreshing side pendants in a floral design. The pendants have diamonds studded on them and have a ruby stone at the center of the floral design. 

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