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Trendy Jewellery by Mangatrai Neeraj

A mix and match is necessary to make your wardrobe exciting and to have variety in it. Because, if you store in the same kind of jewellery you will face the wrath of picking out pieces that look different every time. And we surely know that you don't want to get the feeling of not able to distinguish one from the other.

Trendy Jewellery by Mangatrai Neeraj

But don't you worry, we understand this and so we have a collection for you. And unlike most of our collection posts that have a theme running around each of the pieces displayed, this one is a mix of different kind of pieces that can get you different looks.

The collection from Mangatrai Neeraj has a mix of the chokers with necklaces and to differentiate, even more, you have them in varieties of temple jewellery, ethnic pieces, and some classic gemstones mix.

The most difficult of all combination is to pair up white and gold together. Because of the maximization of even one element can cause it to become too flash or starry. But the first piece of discussion excels at this combination. The white and gold setting are separated in a section so that there is no layover. It has a gold miniature carving on it with a diamond embedded framing and lastly incorporating some white pearl beads as drop downs.

Trendy Jewellery by Mangatrai Neeraj

Gemstone lovers, don't be disappointed, because the piece showcased in the next picture has probably all your gemstones in it. It is a uniquely designed choker that has a diamond-studded layering but is mainly designed with multiple big gemstones. It is mesmerizing to see a color coordinate combo of the same gemstone colored beads paired up as drop downs. The pearly whites also hang below the piece to keep the white going amidst the color pop.

Trendy Jewellery by Mangatrai Neeraj

This piece is an example of how to make use of a single color template and in a single element resource but yet master at it. The entire choker necklace is filled with pink beads but yet it does not look overdone. It is because of the intelligent pairing of little white stones amidst the beads.

The design is a simple one divided into three different layers. The topmost layer is a golden nakshi work one, the second and the center most layer is a wide spread of pink beads. Then we have a layer of golden beads decorated like grapes followed by white pearls. 

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