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Heavy Chokers from Krishna Jewellers

Ladies, you ask for chokers? We give you some stunning ones!  It is yet another post but something unique that we have got for you in the choker style. They are heavy, grand, magnificent and all the kind of words you use to describe something with so much splendor. All three designs are overall gold based, thus the talk of magnificence and inculcate a design that is very aesthetic driven and boasts the craftsmanship of the artisans on it.  

Once you look at them only you will realize how intricately the designs are made, the stones are embellished and the rest of the work that involves pristine creativity. These designs are exhibited here by Krishna Jewellers, that has always been able to contribute to other different unique and exquisite collections exhibited here. 

Without further ado, let's dive straight to the designs for you know what we actually mean when we sound so excited to write about them. 

Heavy Chokers from Krishna Jewellers

Usually, chokers are designed in a manner that they are wider and broader to cover the neck and add the glitzy touch. But, this one stands out because of its pendant and necklace theme that is very rare to see when talking about chokers. The necklace is defined by a huge pendant with a godly theme woven around in a sleek and classy diamond finish with white pearls hanging below. What sets it apart from the latest trend is the black polish that has been introduced really well making the set look gorgeous.  

Heavy Chokers from Krishna Jewellers

Going further, we are back to the broad pattern followed in the chokers, but what stands out and really mesmerizes your eyes here is the beautifully detailed design work on the broad frame of the choker. The gold theme is tactfully evened out by the huge white stones embedded at the bottom. The jhumkas paired with it in all has a feeling of those antique jewellery that blends really well with modern aesthetics. 

Heavy Chokers from Krishna Jewellers
There's so much to talk about these designs because of the tedious work displayed on them which is quite evident just by looking at it. This is yet another charming piece that can actually work really well in terms of bridal looks. The designs are so detailed that it looks like embroidery over a cloth. Similar to the previous one, the gold monotony in the entire design outlay is broken really well by the pink ruby and diamond embellishments. 

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