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Trendy Jewellery by Krishna jewellers

The trends in jewellery keep changing with time. Although if you notice, very few a times there is actually something really new that comes up. It is usually the old ways refurbished to match modern trends and that is how jewellery trends are created. And why not? 

The era of jewellery throws way back to its time that has introduced some amazing kind of jewellery patterns. Although these are celebrated pieces of jewellery, what actually evolves and makes the trend is the make and the use of stones in different ways and patterns. With this post, we are going to introduce some trendy piece of the hour that no women want to skip out on. 

These trendy pieces are brought to you by Krishna Jewellers, who have in the past also showcased some unique collection. 

Trendy Jewellery by Krishna jewellers

Pachi work choker with ruby drops

Talking about trendy jewellery, how can we forget about chokers. Chokers are pieces from the medieval royal time when the queens were really fond of wearing these. It is back in this time incorporating some unique works. This one, in particular, has been made in pachi work and has embellished diamonds on the design. What works really well with this choker is the amalgamation of south sea pearls with pink ruby drop beads that overall accentuates the look really well. 

Trendy Jewellery by Krishna jewellers

Flat diamond peacock long chain

After the choker, we have a variety in a longer necklace. These are used to pair up with chokers too in order to make it look a piece of heavy bridal jewellery. The design of this piece is closely knit with some beautiful detailing on the chain. Though the base theme of the piece is entirely gold, there is a tinge of embellishments that dynamsies the entire look. The flower designs and the pendant is studded with flat diamond with green emerald stone at the center. While the peacock based pendant has a pink ruby at the center. This additional color pop works really well with the entire look and feel. 

Trendy Jewellery by Krishna jewellers

Diamond emerald floral long chain

Colors and usage of exquisite stones is the demand of the hour. People want to go more with colored pieces than the usual gold and diamond set up. This is a breath of fresh air of the time with a combination of diamonds, green emerald, and pink rubies. The floral workflow is very aesthetic, true to the stone embellishments incorporated in this design. 

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