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Broad Antique Designer Bangles

A collection defines the aesthetics followed by the designer. It talks a lot about their style and preferences. The talk of this post is a collection of antique broad shaped kadas, that makes it to a beautiful accessory to enhance your wrists. It has a mix of two kinds of broad kadas all the work out of gold and involving work such as kundan, carvings, and amalgamation of diamond stones. With it there is also a collection of bracelets showcased down below that can be bought as standalone and teamed up with a different kind of jewelry. 

Broad Antique Designer Bangles

Here are some bangles that can be paired up as a set with these diamond rub necklaces. Each of them has a diamond finish with a difference in terms of usage. The designs are alike from one another. There is a kundan vaddanam that you can add to your collection to mix and match with kundan sets. If you want to go towards a lighter side, the. You can opt for the two lined bracelet with studs. There is a pachi styled work finish too that looks really impressive. If you want a stone embedded bracelet then go for the pink ruby or green emerald one.

The band is as simple as it can get with just hints of diamond studs all over it in straight lines. Beneath this simple layover, you see the contrasting intricacy of design detailing with florals, crosses and other stuff all augmented with cut diamonds.

Broad Antique Designer Bangles

If you are looking for something simple and yet very elegant in its approach this band kind of design of the bangle has a very minimal finish in terms of embellishments and design. The layering is very simple in terms of diamond blocks embellished in bigger pieces followed by a match of the intricately detailed design. 

The specifics of this kundan antique bangle is the gold layout with absolute no color and only a spread of golden layout with carvings, pink ruby, and flat diamond embellishments. The band layer has flat diamonds and green emerald studded in the band.  Overall the kundan feel has a very classic antique look to it. Since it is kundan it has very prominent designs that can go with any traditional look you style for yourself. It has 3 layers distinctively- The top and bottom that involves golden carvings of leaf-like structures with a center design of net with a floral pattern right in the center. 

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