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Nakshi Ramparivar Pendant by Amarsons Jewellers

In the world of the discovery of jewels and some precious stones, we are making the most of it to use them to craft artistic pieces and to combine them in a way to deliver some amazing pieces of jewelry. Pieces that woman can proudly boast of and that enhances their beauty and presence.

One of the most demanding and favorite of all the elements are traditional jewelry. The traditional jewelry fever has been going on for years and it seems to never end. Ladies can never go wrong on choosing traditional kinds of jewelry, for example, the Ramparivar designed necklaces.

Here's a collection by Amarsons Jewelers that celebrates traditionality and gives a glimpse of their traditional necklace collection with a Ram Parivar pendant.

The pieces presented here boast the well-developed combination of elegance and beauty. Let's take a look at the first one in the picture.

Nakshi Ramparivar Pendant by Amarsons Jewellers

This chain is an extended collection inspired by the interlinked drop coin-like golden patterns that have the ram parivaar structures drawn over it. It is a great ornament to pair with silk material like a saree or a suit. It gives a perfect south Indian look.

This one, in particular, has been made in nakshi work and has embellished diamonds on the design. What works really well with this mid-length necklace is the amalgamation of south sea pearls with golden design layout that overall accentuates the look really well. The huge block designs of a collage shape made over the central layer with gold embedded in diamonds look really elegant and rich. It is a pump of colors because of the amalgamation of green emerald stone, south sea pearls, and huge flat diamond embellishments.

Nakshi Ramparivar Pendant by Amarsons Jewellers

This piece is just a simplistic effort blended with grace and exclusivity in its design. The subtleness comes in with the simple chain that goes around the neck which involves just basic interlinks of pearls golden decorated beads and green emerald beads and ruby beads within the round. It is totally contrasted with a huge pendant in the center involving some exquisite work and embellishments. 

The pendant at the center has a complete gold finish to it and is not separated from the rest. It comes across as an extended pendant with a huge layout studded mainly carved around like a net printed with detailed design structures throughout with rubies embedded on the pendant. South sea pearls hanging at the bottom of this piece with a layer of diamond embellished design going around the pendant scape. 

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