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Kalasha Jewels Signature Collection

It's a day for Kalasha Jewellers because they have recently brought out a line up of different collections showing some of their exquisite work in different categories to provide a warm up to your jewelry collection. You must have already gone through their varieties of the diamond collection posted along and now we have their signature collection for you. 

The reason why we call it signature is the kind of craftsmanship that has gone in making these exquisite pieces are beyond any questions. You will automatically understand what are we saying and will make sense from it once you go through these one by one. So let's have a look at the signature collection of choker sets by Kalasha Jewels. 

Kalasha Jewels Signature Collection

The piece is made in gold and boasts of the pachi work style of design. Uniquely crafted jewel is made up of different layers amalgamating different precious stones and jewels. The center layer consists of pink stone embellishment all over the necklace for a color bloom. The template is a divide between 3 areas, the hard case band that converges into a design heavy molded center pattern work with south sea pearls put straight up at the top. The beads combined together to form the drop down look very traditional and gets the ethnicity out of this piece.

Kalasha Jewels Signature Collection

This one, in particular, has been made in pachi work and has embellished diamonds on the design. What works really well with this choker is the amalgamation of south sea pearls with pink ruby drop beads that overall accentuates the look really well. The huge block designs of a collage shape made over the central layer with gold embedded in diamonds look really elegant and rich. It is a pump of colors because of the amalgamation of green emerald stone, south sea pearls, and huge flat diamond embellishments. 

These are some of the sets that will go great with bridal sets and are made to chalk out some heavy looks. If you want to explore some more collection that suits well with bridal outfits then you can check out some other varieties here. 

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