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Multi Layer Diamond Haram by Kalasha Jewels

As much as you like to go through the latest trends in jewelry all the time is why we love to collate the latest trendy sets and showcase here to keep you updated. Be it the heaviest of pieces to just a mang tikka's latest collection we always strive to cover each niche of jewelry collection to present you with the best. 

Today, the collection is towards the heavier side, which includes sets that are a pair up of chokers and long chains. The main idea of these sets is that they are embellished with diamonds with multiple layers. The collection is by Kalasha Jewels. 

Multi Layer Diamond Haram by Kalasha Jewels

The first set comprises of a choker necklace with a complementing long chain necklace. The similarity between the two is the netted designs that run through both of them to create a complementary set. The choker is entirely embellished in diamond settings with south sea pearls hanging at the bottom. 

The specialty of the necklace is the studded green emerald right at the center that steals the show with its color contrast scheme. Now let's put a glance on the long chain necklace. The necklace has a sleek one wide layer band with netted and interlocking designs fully embedded in diamonds. 

The long chain necklace with multiple layers paired up with this set has 2 either side layer consisting of green emerald stones and a center layer having netted designs. The side motif includes peacock shaped fully diamond embellished design. The set looks really grand and will uplift any look paired up with. 

Multi Layer Diamond Haram by Kalasha Jewels

This piece is an amalgamation of two themes bound together to carve out this excellent piece of craftsmanship. The two prevailing themes include gold and diamond as the central ones. Most of the prominent designs are carved out of gold whereas diamonds are a part of the intricate design detailing that binds the entire set together. 

The set consists of a heavy wide band of a choker necklace with netted design in the center and heavy peacock feathered cross overs. The feather has huge polki work diamonds embedded on it with a huge green emerald stone placed right at the center. It also has a drop green emerald pendant hanging from the center bordered with small diamond settings. 

The long necklace is divided into 3 layers that consist of two kinds of floral designs one having a rounded border and other not interlinked with each other. It also has a side motif with prominent floral designs having green emerald stones embedded on it. 

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