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Kasu and Mango Mala in Antique work

You know how much we love jewelry in its antique setting and all those traditional kinds of jewelry prevailing within us from years. There are some that are still very much in trend and looks as graceful as it ever did. One of these varieties draws back its reigns from the south of India. If you have been a regular reader with us, you know what we are talking about when we give out these little hints. 

Yes! It's the Kasu Malas. They have this antique way of design structure which these days have blended so well with modern aesthetics that Kasu mala is not leaving the trend so soon. Along with it, we have a mango mala showcase here in this post which is also a traditional variety of necklace prevailing from eons. 

What is mesmerizing about these necklaces is that they have a charm of their own. They definitely reek traditionalism and ethnicity but along with it, it has a very royal prestigious touch to it that marks the entire look with a grace of its own. Without further ado let's dive straight into these pieces one by one. 

Kasu and Mango Mala in Antique work

The collection involves only long-chain patternised jewelry in different traditional and cultural setup. The long chain is an entire set with mango shaped designs carved out of gold in the chain layer with other side involving white beads designed in a straight up fashion. It is an amalgamation of 22-carat gold with the traditional south Indian style of work. The line up of patterns are very ethnic and are purely in gold and diamond with a slight hint of pink ruby in the pendant laid over. 

The highlight of this design is the pendant in the center that is divided into 3 unique layers- the topmost having exclusively carved peacocks while the second one an oval shaped design with golden netted design work with beads hanging over the oval-shaped design. The last one is the drop dow design with hanging beads. 

Kasu and Mango Mala in Antique work

The gold antique finish kasumala has a very traditional and graces in a very large size. The design has small finishing carved sleek design at the inner layer of the long set.  The entire look of the kasu mala is very flat based with sleek designs carved over it that makes it very graceful. It is divided into two layers each interlinked with each other. The outer layer involves gold coins in a circular manner interlinked with each other whereas the inner portion hs a layout of carved designs that accentuates the royalty of the piece. 

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