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Layers Beads Necklaces by Krishna Jewellers

Beads necklaces are prevalent from many many years and are one of the top choices for especially women who are not much into ethnic or fine jewelry. They look really graceful and are known to add some classic vibes to your look. The best part of beads necklaces is that it can go with any look so effortlessness that it lifts up the entire style. 

If you are also someone who is a coral beads necklace fan then here is a collection of multiple layer beads necklace by Krishna Jewelers. The pieces are made off colorful beads and different elements to deliver exquisite pieces. 

 Layers Beads Necklaces by Krishna Jewellers

If you are someone who feels the coral shade is the color that looks very sharp and gives another dynamism to your look. Then this one is for you. It is a maroon themed necklace with multiple layering of red rounded beads woven with each other in multiple layers that count up to 5-6. 

There is a very simple layover in this design and there is nothing extra in this themed necklace. What is the highlight of this piece is the side motif that mesmerizes with its design structure and the layout.  

 Layers Beads Necklaces by Krishna Jewellers

The central color scheme of this necklace is green due to the entire woven structure of beads in multiple layers. The beads are rounded oval-shaped long ones all in the marine green color. The design is based on a very simple template of multiple layering of beads lines over one another. The motif or the locket right on the sides is also a very grand one. 

It has a bock blue granite shaped motif on both sides. The piece also has a blue touch with a few blue beads and small rice blue beads hanging at the bottom. The green beads also hand at the bottom of the locket.

 Layers Beads Necklaces by Krishna Jewellers

The next in the collection is a line-up of beads once again but more towards the side of red beads in wholesome. The beads are again mashed up with white pears interlinked with each other in a combination such as 2 red beads and 1 pearl. 

It is a very simple and decent beads necklace piece that can be matched with any outfit. 

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