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Diamond Peacock Sets by Pushkara Jewellers

If you are someone who swears by diamond necklaces over anything and everything and special ones that are in great combinations with other elements then this post is for you. Here, we have a line of some beautiful diamond sets that may suit your liking. 

Not just the diamonds are the linking theme between these pieces but also another similarity that binds these pieces together is the peacock design that is present in these pieces. The collection is presented by Pushkara Jewelers and also have a range of different precious elements embellished over these.
Diamond Peacock Sets by Pushkara Jewellers
The first piece is an amalgamation of two themes bound together to carve out this excellent piece of craftsmanship. The two prevailing themes include gold and diamond as the central ones. Most of the prominent designs are carved out of gold whereas diamonds are a part of the intricate design detailing that binds the entire set together. 

The layout is such that the necklace has a band as the first and only layer with a pendant hanging at the bottom from the center. They usually have branches with leaves as the prominent design element whereas the two peacocks facing each other with a rounded center floral pattern. The golden beads hang as drops from the necklace and the pendant. The necklace also has a tinge of color from the embellished green emeralds and pink rubies. 

Diamond Peacock Sets by Pushkara Jewellers

The most stunning necklace of all the diamond latest trends is this one because it has a very different layout which is unique in its own sense. The entire piece has a design structure involving intricate design detailing all embellished in diamonds with just the center layer that has red ruby blocks interlinked with each other in 3 layers. It a0so has peacocks with jhumka sort of pendant in the center. 

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