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Pretty Diamond Sets by Vaibhav Jewellers

We all need some change in life from the regular choices and the commons kind of jewels available out there. This is not a need but it feels great to wear something that is different and unique from the rest. This is when people notice and it stands out. 

If you are somebody who is vouching for what we said above then this collection is for you. The pieces presented by Vaibhav jewelers are as unique as they can get. They are different in the sense that the designs are quite unique and the making is also a blend of superior craftsmanship. 

Let's have a look at them one by one. 

Pretty Diamond Sets by Vaibhav Jewellers

To begin with, here is a piece, par excellence in terms of its designs and the unique combination of work. The choker length necklace has some defined detailing work across the whole necklace pattern. The designs are in the closed setting format really appreciable about the craftsmanship on this one. 

Additionally, the work is so fine that each of the design element stands out in its own graceful capacity. The necklace is also paired up with jhumkas that boast about an equal appreciable work. 

The entire color scheme is contrasted by the green emerald droplet and a rounded bead in the center.  

Pretty Diamond Sets by Vaibhav Jewellers
Another pretty necklace from the collection is this coral theme beauty with a very fine design and detailing in the smallest of the artwork, The entire necklace band has a net layout with studded diamonds. These small designs make is what accentuates the entire look quite prominently. 

As dropdowns in the bottom of the necklace lie pink rubies in spade-shaped design. The rubies are also bordered with the entire spade look with cut diamonds all over it. The earrings to go with this excellent beauty has also a similar pattern work going on. 

Pretty Diamond Sets by Vaibhav Jewellers

This piece of jewelry can easily pass out as a fun necklace especially because of its design and color scheme. The entire heart-shaped beaded dropdown is what glazes your eyes the most. Apart from that you can find the diamond setting florals matched with white pearls and green beads in unison with the design. 

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