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Diamond Jhumkas Pendant by Raj Diamonds

Jewelry trends change at the speed of the light. In a blink of an eye, something may get passe whereas a completely new fashion in jewelry may take its place. Today, we are stressing on the growing trend of highlighted earrings. These days a lot of outfits are pulled off just by pairing them up with statement earrings such as jhumkas.

A Jhumka is a variety of earring that has this conical shaped drop design structure that looks very ethnics and suits each kind of face structures. They give an altogether different look to the face whoever adorns it.

Though these jhumkas come in a never-ending variety, each of them exquisite from one another, some of these are showcased in this collection presented here by Raj Diamonds. They have collaborated in various settings such as diamonds, and also display a pendant in colored stones. To know more about it go ahead and look at the pieces one by one.  

Diamond Jhumkas Pendant by Raj Diamonds

The next one is an example of rare beauty. This one can be called the Navaratan pendant. The pendant incorporates all the nine precious gemstones all adorned in one single design- Ruby, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, Red Coral, Pearl, Cat’s eye and Hessonite. All of them are put together in a way to make the pendant vibrant in terms of colors. They all are curated in a circular manner with one stone at the center.

The pendant is based on a golden layout with diamond embellishments which has a floral artwork and looks very trendy yet has that modern vibe to it. It is undoubtedly a beautiful piece that can be paired with different kinds of outfits making it very versatile in nature.

Diamond Jhumkas Pendant by Raj Diamonds
The unique idea of this pair-up of color looks so modern and westernized whereas the beads and stones used in it give the piece an overtly ethnic and traditional feel. The balance of both work out the magic.  The earring is an amalgamation of golden bases set up with ruby bead stones mainly. Followed by the exquisite cut diamonds embellished on it with white small south sea pears stung on it in different layers. While the bottom layer is the jhumka the topmost stud is like a floral pattern in terms of the design aesthetic. 

Diamond Jhumkas Pendant by Raj Diamonds

It is a very sleek and exquisite design that involves a great spread of diamond embellishments all over the jhumka. The stud also has a very beautiful design theme with a pink ruby bead in a droplet shape studded right in the center of the top and the bottom. The jhumkas as the drop from the earring has its own charm with the netted themed diamond-embellished design. A south sea pear each lies at the center of the jhumka with this pair of earrings. 

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