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Exclusive Coral Diamond Sets by Raj Diamonds

Exclusive Coral Diamond Sets by Raj Diamonds

Today, the collection is an inspired collection woven around a single theme. The theme like the other posts that involve various kinds of work or jewelry marking a particular time and so on is not the case this time. This collection is designed around a particular color scheme.

Coral, as a color has been prevailing since a long time but has come to notice in recent times with all due credits to the fashion industry. The collection showcased here is all about coral beads and diamond sets by the boutique of Raj diamonds. Coral and diamonds being the basic elements of design in all these necklaces.

The first in the collection is a line-up of beads once again but more towards the side of red beads in wholesome. The beads are again mashed up with an elegant pendant slightly having a Kundan feel mainly because if its design. It is divided into three layers with an inbuilt multi-layering of the same layer. The first layer as already mentioned is rectangular golden bar blocks with carvings. whereas the second layer is put together by the south sea pearls interlinked together. The last layer is filled with flat beads locked with each other.

The pendant is embedded with diamonds and has some small beaded structures surrounded over it. It also has a Lord Krishna miniature structure at the center of the pendant. The pendant is also overall structured by small red rounded beads as dropdowns.

Exclusive Coral Diamond Sets by Raj Diamonds

The set is breaking off the golden monotony and has an entire flat diamond-based setting onto the necklace. The three designs are apart from each in an aesthetic sense and in other ways. It basically starts with a simple pattern with intricate diamond detailed layers on the top and bottom of the necklace.
 It further enhances itself with coral beads interlinked with diamond embellishments and green emerald stones. The earrings are also in the same pattern with additional carvings ending into pearls drops. The jhumka setting has pearl dropdowns.

Exclusive Coral Diamond Sets by Raj Diamonds

The last picture displays an extremely beautiful set setting standards with its flamboyant feel and the spread of diamonds and a color splash on a large scale. They are exquisitely made long harams with multiple layers of designs falling down.

It is a mid-length Kundan haram that has huge rounded shaped designs flowing through the necklace pattern. It also has red beads intact in between the floral hinted design structures. What is special about these harams is that they are so heavy in the structure that it can make even a simple saree look royal and classy with it.

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