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Emerald Drops Necklaces in Light Weight

Talking about CZ necklaces in the posts today, here is another list of lightweight necklace with emeralds as their center of make. They are designed keeping in mind subtlety but grace. They all are unique in their turnout and looks really appealing. 

The reason why we call it exquisite is the kind of craftsmanship that has gone in making these unique pieces are beyond any questions. You will automatically understand what are we saying and will make sense from it once you go through these ones by one. So let's have a look at these lightweight emerald drop necklaces. 

Emerald Drops Necklaces in Light Weight

The best part about this piece is that it rarely consists of any complicated design structure or elements but it still comes out as a very sober-looking at the same time has a striking appearance. The entire mid-length necklace is a layout of net patterns carved out of golden and green small beads. The criss-cross patterns in the two-color tone look really nice and sleek. 

From the net scheme, there are hanging emerald drop beads that form the entire bottom layer of this V-shape necklace. 

Emerald Drops Necklaces in Light Weight

It is a unique pair of huge green emerald stones embedded in a golden shaft. These emerald pieces are uniquely interlinked with each other and look really ethnic at the same time modern with its feel. The specialty of this Emerald Necklace piece is that it is lightweight and very simple in its form. Through the bottom of this necklace, we see goldenly rounded pearl-shaped structure hanging through each of the emerald joints. It stands out in its own exclusive way.  

Emerald Drops Necklaces in Light Weight

If the color splash is your pick in jewelry over single-toned pieces of necklaces then this one is sure to steal your heart away. The necklace comes across a single-layered piece with drops but within the broad layer lies 3 different layers of colored stones that steal the show. 

The first layer has pearls embedded in a straight-up pattern following a lead to the second layer of emerald bead arrangement. Diamond embellishments form the next layer followed by ruby beads line up. It ends at florals hangings at the bottom each flower defined by ruby at the center and diamonds around it. 

At the center, lies a beautiful triangular shaped ruby with a green emerald rectangular stone right below it. The entire necklace observes green bead drops hanging from it. 

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