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Evergreen Heavy Kasuharam Designs

If you are a regular visitor here you know how fond we are of these traditional kinds of jewelry which almost is non-existent in promotions today but there are so many women who prefer them over the latest cliches.

To just put things in perspective, Kasumalas are widely used in the south. They are designs that typically have a gold coin like segments closely knitted together to form a necklace.

If your trousseau is missing out on the Kasumalas, it is never too late to add them now. Especially, now is the time when we have a range of Kasumalas blended with today's trend that can add glam and traditionality to your wardrobe. Today, we have a collection of heavy Kasuharam designs displayed in beautiful patterns and embellishments.

Evergreen Heavy Kasuharam Designs

The theme of the necklace is a long Kasu mala with a center Kundan pendant.  The gold coins, instead of falling down are vertically aligned with layers of borders on each side. The pendant at the center has a complete gold finish to it and is not separated from the rest. It comes across as an extended pendant with a huge layout studded mainly carved around like a net printed with detailed design structures throughout with green beads dropping from the pendant.

Evergreen Heavy Kasuharam Designs

The gold antique finish Kasumala has a very traditional and graces in a very large size. The design has small finishing carved sleek design at the inner layer of the long set. Kundan adorned pendant matched with other pieces of jewelry, makes it to the traditional jewelry list. The list to define this beautiful piece is long and never-ending. The entire look of the Kasu mala is very flat-based with sleek designs carved over it that makes it very graceful. 

Evergreen Heavy Kasuharam Designs

The entire design is carved totally out of gold with just a hint of color from green emerald stone, red rubies, and some hanging beads. The models in the picture look lovely with the entire look in place. If you are planning to go for a traditional south Indian style of bridal look then this one is just for that. The design structure of the above Kasu haram is very similar to the one in the next picture. 

Evergreen Heavy Kasuharam Designs

The Kasu haram is a long necklace with huge gold coins interlinked with each other as the chain converging onto a huge pendant embedded in rubies, emeralds, etc. 

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