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Peacock Nakash Chokers in 22 carat

Ladies! Let's get your attention towards these lovely sets with Nakshi work. If you don't already are mesmerized by Nakshi, these will definitely make you obsessed with it and crave to have one in your wardrobe. But before, for the newcomers just getting introduced to Nakshi work, let's tell you more about it!

Let's simply put it this way that Nakshi is a work of art! They are designed in a way that two pieces can never be alike in their make. They are distinguished and the making is so intricate to boasts the craftsmanship behind this work. By the name, naskhi means stamping- which means the designs are meant to look like stamp work with some elaborate detailing work.

Now that you have got a little idea about Nakshi, let's put our eyes on the above designs one by one. It will also help you get to know more about Nakshi through the way

Peacock Nakash Chokers in 22carat

This chain is an extended collection inspired by the interlinked drop coin-like golden patterns that have the peacock structures drawn over it. It is a great ornament to pair with silk material like a saree or a suit. It gives a perfect south Indian look.

This one, in particular, has been made in nakshi work and has embellished diamonds on the design. What works really well with this mid-length necklace is the amalgamation of south sea pearls with golden design layout that overall accentuates the look really well. The huge block designs of a collage shape made over the central layer with gold embedded in diamonds look really elegant and rich. It is a pump of colors because of the amalgamation of green emerald stone, , and huge flat diamond embellishments.

Peacock Nakash Chokers in 22carat

We do save the best for the last if you guys are already wondering so! This is a not a jewellery piece but more so relevance on the artistic layout that it has. The necklace and the pendant are so uniquely designed. The fishes on the pendant remind us of the 'fish in water' story from the Ramayana during Sita's wedding proposal invitation ceremony.

The necklace is dimensioned in a way that it is a little thick not to look absurd but it gives a more prosperous look. 

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