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Waistbelts and Nakash Bangles

Today, in the latest collection, following the new trends is a mix of fusion work accessories. We have a kamarband aka waistband and a bangle bracelet to showcase. All the pieces boast fusion work.

Let's talk about what fusion work is for people who are new to this concept. It is basically a merger of the classic designs prevalent of the age with contemporary styles that have been running through ages. These designs are quite favorable these days since a lot of people love to have a mix of modern blend with traditional customary pieces of jewellery.

The band is as simple as it can get with just hints of diamond studs all over it in straight lines. Beneath this simple layover, you see the contrasting intricacy of design detailing with florals, crosses and other stuff all augmented with cut diamonds.

Waistbelts and Nakash Bangles

Another example of fusion work is displayed in the form of the waistband in the picture above. The waistband has a mixture of gold and brassy feel to it. The two-toned color pattern has a very vintage vibe to it. Also called the vaddanam, the entire layout comes across as very antique yet appealing to the eyes.

Let's get into details about the design structure of the kamarband. The kamarband has a usual structural design pattern that has god miniatures with other abstract designs mellowed down with a peacock layout. You will find very minimal addition of rubies only restricted to a single at a particular space. The kamarband is completed with drop golden beads hanging around the bottom.

Waistbelts and Nakash Bangles

The kada in the picture above is a broad bangle kind of a thing. The make of the entire thing is purely in gold with a design structure filled with naksh or carving work all around it. The entire creative running around the bracelet reminds a lot about the painting or carving structures found in monumental caves and temples that are rooted back to centuries. 

The specifics of this kundan antique bangle is the gold layout with absolute no color and only a spread of golden layout with carvings, pink ruby, and flat diamond embellishments. The band layer has flat diamonds and green emerald studded in the band.  Overall the kundan feel has a very classic antique look to it. Since it is kundan it has very prominent designs that can go with any traditional look you style for yourself. It has 3 layers distinctively- The top and bottom that involves golden carvings of leaf-like structures with a center design of net with a floral pattern right in the center. 

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