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Uncut and Polki Diamond Sets by Malabargold

Uncut and Polki Diamond Sets by Malabargold

Polki work is quite famous among women who are jewelry fanatics in terms that the intricate detailing and the crafted way of its entire setup are very famous among women who adore the polki work. 

It basically is another name to uncut or rose-cut diamonds that are not wide enough but of a very regular size. They are rounded mostly and thus, they do not sparkle much saving you from the extra glittery effect. It is a cost-effective way to incorporate diamonds in jewelry. Most popularly it is used in jadau sets, kundan, etc. 

Here's presenting the collection from Malabargold that includes necklaces in polki work paired up with uncut diamonds crafted into various styles including antique looking pieces and some astonishing trendy design works. 

Uncut and Polki Diamond Sets by Malabargold

The necklace, shown in the first picture reeks a multidimensionality personality that includes traditional aspects combined over some fine jewelry tricks to overall present a cocktail look that can go well with any outfit. The necklace starts with a diamond embellished designed string that finally merges into the start of the choker that has peacock facing designs all over it as the first layer and then some floral patterns embedded with rubies in the center as the bottom-most layer.

The color scheme of the necklace in the second picture is pink paired up with diamonds and golden layout. It has pink ruby beads with a sleek design. It includes a set that has a broad choker necklace entire covered with nakshi net design made of gold and diamonds in pair with rubies embedded in the center.  The base remains gold since it complements well with the ruby and diamond finish. The choker is basically divided into two different layers.

One is the cuffed band that has some exquisite setting of gems right from rubies to green emeralds and finished with diamonds. The necklace extends with hanging drop designs of gold that has further dropdowns of pearls, a heavy pendant that has an antique look to it.

Uncut and Polki Diamond Sets by Malabargold

The last piece looks stunning in its individuality the reason because of its heavy design of golden structures all over the choker band. It follows a thin layer band of embellished diamonds in 3 different layers. The topmost layer that is like a cuff around the neck involves green emeralds augmented on golden rounded patterns. 

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