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Ruby Beads Chokers with Big Pendants

The jewelry selection is the time where different women have different choices and various style preferences. The range of styles that the jewelry industry has reached has also touched a mark where there are millions of choices to choose from.

If you are a regular visitor here you know how fond we are of these traditional kinds of beaded jewelry which almost is non-existent in promotions today but there are so many women who prefer them over the latest cliches.

To just put things in perspective, beaded necklaces are a major trend this season. The designs presented here in this collection is all about choker involving ruby beads and that come with big pendants in the center.

Ruby Beads Chokers with Big Pendants

This piece of jewelry is an example of the boutique's craftsmanship and proof to the creativity of the artisans from this boutique. The necklace is purely based out of two themes and paired infusion with a center huge block pendant.  The choker is a stunning piece made of ruby beads in the first layer and green beads as the second layer with a precious colored stone in the center. The green-hued stone is a huge one that forms the pendant of this choker piece. Surrounded by diamond embellishments, the pendant is uplifted in its beautiful design.  

Ruby Beads Chokers with Big Pendants

The ruby bead necklace with a center gold pendant surrounded by studded diamonds gives a very chic and trendy look. The choker consists of multiple layers of ruby beads amalgamating into the center pendant. The pendant is a landscape of gold with patterned structures in a triangular format. The choker has rice beads and pink beads in fusion falling as drops from the choker necklace. It has a strong vibe to it and thus can be paired up with different kinds of looks.

Ruby Beads Chokers with Big Pendants

This one is the star of this collection. It is meant to swoon you from your feet with its elegant combination of colors to form a special artwork. The necklace is basically a spread of a wide pendant and the either ends with multiple layers of pink beads forming the chain of the choker with huge green emeralds augmented as drops at the bottom. The pendant has a huge green emerald rock in the center surrounded by a sleek diamond layout. The hint of pink ruby in the necklace complements the overall color theme of the choker. The combination of rubies and emeralds can never go wrong.

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