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Simple Ruby CZ Necklaces

Jewelry is all about glitz and fashion. If you want to add on to your already pretty dress and season it with exquisiteness and glamour, jewelry is your way to go. But different people hold different choices in this case. And why not? Jewelry in today's world comes in such a basket full of variety that can suit every choice and pick. This is ought to happen. 

Talking about today's collection, here is a list of ruby necklaces, CZ necklaces adorned with pearls and other precious stones. 

CZ necklace basically abbreviates from Cubic Zirconia Necklace which is basically a synthesized version of diamond that has the brilliance and crystal look equal to that of a diamond but is cheaper on the wallet.  

Simple Ruby CZ Necklaces

This variety of necklace is quite different from the first one in a way that it is a single layer beaded necklace that goes around the neck and does not have any pendant or so. The beads are also designed and combined with various color schemes and patterns to create that ethnic effect yet construing to the current theme.

There are basic 3 layers that form the entire chain in the repetition of settings. It involves a green bead with patterns on it then involves pears followed by a golden and green beaded rounded ball sort of design. Each of them are interlinked with each other through gold designs that hold them together.

Simple Ruby CZ Necklaces

This set is a unique mix of ruby beads and huge flat diamonds embedded. It has a unique design that shows a unique combination of elements. The necklace goes around the neck with multiple layering of rounded shaped design. The end of these layering shows a striking start of a design that has rounded structures embedded in rubies elegantly linked to diamond set embellishments. The necklace patterns are big in size diamond pendant consisting of big flat diamonds on it.

The layers also consist of ruby stones augmented on it. It also has netted themed diamonds augmented patterns hanging from the bottom of the second layer. The design structure of the pendant is such that it has a rounded structure in the center with two florals in the extreme ends joined together with diamond blocks.

Simple Ruby CZ Necklaces

The entire necklace has a very subtle feel to it mostly because of the simple design and the most usage of whites in the form of elements used to craft this diamond embellished pendant. The pendant is filled with pearl embellishments matched with ruby beads in drop pattern.

It also has matching earrings with a floral top studded with red beads and centered with diamond embellishments. From it there are white beads dropping in layers from it and at the bottom stands red beads complementing the necklace. 

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