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Trendy Antique haar with Red Kundan

This collection is an ode to the golden eras since these represent antique looking jewelry blended with modern aesthetics. A collection defines the aesthetics followed by the designer. It talks a lot about their style and preferences.

The talk of this post is a collection of antique necklaces, that makes it to a beautiful accessory to enhance your look. It has a mix of necklaces involving various lengths and all the work out of gold and involving work such as Kundan, carvings, an amalgamation of diamond stones. With it, there is also a collection of various kinds of jewelry like the kasu mala and teamed up with a different kind of jewelry with Red Kundan.

Trendy Antiqye haar with Red Kundan

By looking at the piece you come to know of its uniqueness in regards to the make and design aesthetics. The flat diamond layering over the golden base is broken with contrasting green beads blocks going around the piece. It is popular for the dynamic colors and element usage with the layout it has.

Trendy Antiqye haar with Red Kundan
The collection involves only long-chain patternised jewelry in different traditional and cultural setup. The long chain is an entire set with mango shaped designs carved out of gold in the chain layer with other side involving white beads designed in a straight up fashion. It is an amalgamation of 22-carat gold with the traditional south Indian style of work. The line up of patterns are very ethnic and are purely in gold and diamond with a slight hint of pink ruby in the pendant laid over.

Trendy Antiqye haar with Red Kundan

The highlight of this design is the pendant in the center that is divided into 3 unique layers- the topmost having exclusively carved peacocks while the second one an oval shaped design with golden netted design work with beads hanging over the oval-shaped design. The last one is the drop down design with hanging beads.

Trendy Antiqye haar with Red Kundan

Peacocks are very common and celebrated work of designs in the pieces of jewellery from the south. Thus, the entire peacock theme is also followed up in this kasu mala. The gold coins, instead of falling down are vertically aligned with layers of borders on each side. The pendant at the center has a complete gold finish to it and is not separated from the rest. It comes across as an extended pendant with a huge layout studded mainly carved around like a net printed with detailed design structures throughout with rubies embedded on the pendant. 

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