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Antique Mesh Necklaces

Antique Mesh Necklaces

The bridal season may be a little far from now, but it is never too soon for one to sort their bridal trousseau beforehand. Although different brides have a different idea of how they plan to look for their big day- some favor looking for ethnic or fine jewellery whereas some and what is popular today is that they prefer going with traditional jewellery trends to make their look perfect.

For all the brides who prefer picking Antique jewellery on their wedding day here is a collection that you can get inspired from. The collection is quite exquisite in its make and boasts of some really aesthetically blend pieces that one may look graceful wearing it.

If you are looking for a break from fine jewelry and want to experiment your bridal look with contemporary antique styles then this first necklace is for you. The necklace is an interlink of a broad chain with gold beads hanging over the chain. The mesh combination works really well with this piece. The pendant incorporates beautiful peacock designs embedded over the necklace in a unique pattern. The multiple layering is what works really well especially with the broad pendant.

Antique Mesh Necklaces
This antique encklace is magnificent in its design and craftsmanship is another kind of traditional jewelry. The design is again based on intricate crafted thin line patterns like a net. The patterns are in a criss-cross net and other ways combined together to give a very pleasing piece of jewel. The entire haram has a bigger pendant sort of a thing.

The pendant is embellished as a drop-down from the necklace. It has ruby beads embedded on it with green emerald studded right at the center.  The entire neck chain has different structures and is embellished with rubies and emeralds to give a slight hint of color. It is also followed by the gold bead chain as drop-down hanging from the necklace.

This is a design par excellence and makes it to the modern trend in temple jewellery. The necklace follows the same pattern as the first piece. The entire mesh necklace has different structures and is embellished with rubies and emeralds to give a slight hint of color. 

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