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Victorian Style Chic Necklaces

Victorian Style Chic Necklaces

If you are somebody partial to Polki necklaces with chic style and the richness the victorian styled pieces exhibit, today's collection is curated for the likes of you. The beauty of Polki lies in the distinguished craftsmanship it displays and the kind of cultural parity is adorns through its designs.

The Victorian-style chic necklaces are of the specialty of these sets are explained by the color pattern and the embellishment of stones user in curating this marvelous choker and mid-length pieces. Because chokers can never go wrong and it is loved by almost everybody.

The collection is by Kalasha Fine jewelry and showcases beautiful bridal jewelry pieces with polki necklaces.

The first one in the order is a mix of elegance with some ethnic splash. The unique idea of this pair-up is the choker looks so modern and westernized whereas the beads and stones used in it give the piece an overtly ethnic and traditional feel. The balance of both work out the magic.  The necklace is an amalgamation of golden bases set up with droplet-shaped diamonds and intricate detailing. Followed by the exquisite cut diamonds embellished on it with white south sea pears stung on it as the first layer. Whereas the bottom layer has a drop pendant. The piece also has white beads and grey beaded interlinked within the multilayer necklace that stands out in the collection.

Victorian Style Chic Necklaces

The entire set has some sea feels into it with the starking blue amalgamation with a huge pendant at the center. It is quite similar to the layout of the first necklace. The necklace adds some scarlet-y gules into this post. Yes, we are talking about the neckpiece which has a stunning diamond-studded floral pattern right in the center of the pendant from which you cannot take your eyes off. The entire sapphire theme with the glitz and glitter that diamonds bring in, on and on it makes it such a beautiful piece- as simply as we can describe it. 

The stones used to carve out this beautiful pendant that has some multiple layers in greens and diamonds in between. The motif is in a floral shape and creates quite a contrast with the only sapphire paired up the beaded necklace. 

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