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Big Polki Necklaces

Big Polki Necklaces

Polki is always appreciated when it is packaged in beautiful chokers. Other than that too, Polki jewelry has always been at the highest demand among the jewelry fanatics. Since the entire concept of Polki is woven around the idea of huge diamonds embedded on the design, it always has a very ravishing look that it gives to any piece of jewelry wherein this kind of work is showcased.

We constantly strive to put out a variety of jewelry out to entice different kinds of audiences. Today's collection is also all about some attractive Polki diamond chokers. They are in fusion with different kind of elements like emeralds, gold structures, etc. There are also a few that are fused with Pachi work.

The diamond necklace is a unique pair up of huge uncut diamond stones embedded in a golden shaft. These pieces are uniquely interlinked with each other and look really ethnic at the same time modern with its feel. The specialty of this Polki Necklace piece is that it is lightweight and very simple in its form. The entire design is woven around the theme of rounded designs interlinked with each other with a center pendant and a drop pendant in a droplet-shaped.

The color scheme of the necklace in the second picture is gold paired up with diamonds and golden layout. It has a sleek design carved out of gold. There are round patterns carved out of gold going through the entire necklace.

Big Polki Necklaces

The necklace is designed in a beautiful setting of all these elements to deliver an exquisite piece. What adds dimension to this piece is the hanging designs from the choker. They are elaborate and bold. It includes rock patterned embedded in diamonds with white beads and emerald stones. The mix-match of the color pattern looks ethnic and has a very beautiful feel to it.  There is a layout spread of cream beads that form the chain of the necklace with the design starting from the center.

The necklace is based on a golden layout which has a droplet pendant and looks very trendy yet has that vintage vibe to it. It is undoubtedly a beautiful piece that can be paired with different kinds of outfits making it very versatile in nature. It also has south sea pearls and big textured emerald stones on it. 

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