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Black Beads Sets Diamond Lockets

MangalSutra is a holy thread adorned by married women in India as a symbol of their marriage. It is the most celebrated jewelry piece of a woman, especially a married one. It has a common uniform pattern. It is defined by black beads strings circling over the neck and joins with a pendant.

More than the look, it is a piece of jewelry worn by women as a token of respect, love, and commitment. For all the ladies out there, who love opting for Mangalsutra's that are trendy and have a vibrant look and feel, unlike the traditional vibe, scroll down to know more.

We have a variety of Mangalsutra designs showcased here, to suit different choices.

Black Beads Sets Diamond Lockets

The above piece has two layers of thin beaded chain with black and gold going around the neck. It is then joined by a pendant at the center with two motifs on each side. The pendant is designed in diamond fusion work with a floral pendant and a diamond embedded pattern above it. The pattern is similar to the design of two leaves which is a constant in the side motifs too.  It is different from the regular gold pendants and has a very traditional fusion vibe to it.

Black Beads Sets Diamond Lockets

Similar to the one above but a more subtle look is reeked by this beaded chain necklace. It has interlinks of tiny black beads and gold attachments in two different layers of chain. At the center, there is a diamond based locket. The locket has a very mesmerizing pattern of four leaves intertwined to each other as the first layer followed by the drop of the sun-like structure fully embellished with flat diamonds. It is a great design to be worn on occasion when you want to skip the necklace and go for a simple neck look. 

Black Beads Sets Diamond Lockets

This one is more towards a traditional jewelry mangal sutra with color amalgamated with the black beads and gold layout design. It is studded with flat diamonds with pink ruby in the center. South Sea pearls are also incorporated that bring out the cream look from diamond work from this mangalsutra. It is different from the regular gold pendants and has a very traditional fusion vibe to it. 

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