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Dashavatar and Pachi work Choker

The weekend is here since Friday is here!

If the weekend celebrations have not yet kicked in you can spend the last ordeal by checking out some beautiful Pachi work necklaces with dashavtar designs. But, what harm will it do, if you take out some while exploring the trends in jewellery? If you have taken so much effort to sneak out some privy time, we are not here to disappoint you!

With this post, we are talking about Pachi work in the latest designs in Dashavtar style. They are trendy, vibrant, and are magical in nature to turn out any outfit to be dressy and classy.

As you might already know of Pachi work, the designs boast the fine quality of the same. Let's dive straight into each of the looks.

Dashavatar and Pachi work Choker

The piece is made in gold and boasts of the uncut diamond necklace style of design. Uniquely crafted miniatures od god and goddesses and Kundan pendant attached in the center with pink stone embellishment all over the necklace for a color bloom. The template is a divide between 3 areas, the hard case band that converges into a design-heavy molded center pattern work with a pendant right in the center. The beads combined together to form the drop-down look very traditional and get the ethnicity out of this piece.

The necklace has a color bloom in it with the usage of all the colored beads and stones with south sea pearls also being one of the contributors. The Dashavtar necklace is basically a kind of designs that includes miniatures of god in their different births. 

Dashavatar and Pachi work Choker

The color scheme of this necklace is green. It has green emerald drops with floral design and centered gold embellishment. On the flowers, we have huge uncut brilliant diamonds imposed on it. The flower borders are made with small finely cut diamonds, The base remains gold since it complements well with the green emerald and diamond finish. The choker is basically divided into two different layers.

One is the cuffed band that has some exquisite setting of gems right from rubies to green emeralds and finished with diamonds. The polki choker necklace extends with hanging drop designs of gold that has further dropdowns of pearls, green beads and small white rice beads put together to give a flower petal feeling

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