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Diamond Set by Pavan Mor Jewellers

The festive season is about to start. The month of August is here and this is the beginning of a lot of Indian festivals. Indian festival is known for its color and the tradition of getting decked up with jewelry and ethnic outfits.

To help you pick your jewelry for this season, we have varied collection on the website to suit various occasions. Most popular of the jewelry among the ladies are the diamonds. Here, also we have a collection of some exquisite diamond sets presented by Pavan Mor Jewelers. 

All the three pieces are conceptual pieces great for bridal jewelry that talk a lot about the craftsmanship because of its exquisite design and make. The offered pieces are proof of excellent workmanship and make a mark with the artisan's extraordinary piece of work.

They are all embedded in diamond settings and has a make rich in ethnicity and rooting traditional jewelry. Let's have a look at these pieces one by one.

Diamond Set by Pavan Mor Jewellers

This mid-length emerald necklace reminds so much of antique style and gives vintage feels. The band that goes around the neck is studded with flat diamond sets. The detailing is so intricate and fresh and looks great with the entire hanging drops. The emerald stone at the center of the drop pendant is bordered by flat diamond pieces and with gold rounded beads at the end add charm to the piece.

The necklace also has golden beads kind settings over the floral design. The pendant has two peacock facing opposite sides followed by some intricate designs. The necklace is interlinked with floral patterns embedded in diamonds with green emerald stone studded at the center.

Diamond Set by Pavan Mor Jewellers

The ruby necklace, shown in the first picture reeks a multidimensionality personality that includes traditional aspects combined over some fine jewelry tricks to overall present a cocktail look that can go well with any outfit. The diamond necklace starts with a diamond-embellished designed string that finally merges into ruby patterns as the top and the bottom layer. It has multiple layers in 2 lines with the first and the last having the same diamond gold and ruby merger and the center one is a sleek diamond chain. The earings are also matching the necklace in the picture. 

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