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Latest Necklaces by Shankarlal Jewellers

Are you someone crazy for beads? At the same time a huge lover of diamond sets?

If your choices are also dependant on the mood and are somebody who roots for both the style this post is for you.

Beads have been the trends that have come from the grandmoms. These have been there for ages and that is how the trend exists. It gives color to your jewelry and they look a mix of both westernized and ethnic look. They can be worn along outfits to give you a glamour westernized look.

At the same time, Diamonds look really classy when paired up with motifs or pendants that have an ethnic angle to it. Today's collection is just that, it comprises of beaded necklaces with some exquisite motifs woven along with it and a diamond set.
Latest Necklaces by Shankarlal Jewellers

The first in the collection is a line-up of beads once again but more towards the side of emerald and green tones. The beads are again mashed up with an elegant side motif of diamond layering with a huge diamond stone overlapped on the beaded layering. The stones used to carve out this beautiful pendant that has some multiple layers in greens and diamonds in between. The motif is in a floral shape and creates quite a contrast with the only emeralds paired up the beaded diamond necklace

Latest Necklaces by Shankarlal Jewellers

To begin with we have a beautiful pair up between emerald and diamonds and rubies. It is a total set containing 3 necklaces in varied lengths to float out a remarkable look and style. 

The beat combination in stones and also the most popular one, here, is designed in a white gold base with some awe-striking deigns. The bride is seen wearing a choker and a long necklace around the same theme.

The choker has a black stone in the enter whereas the other two has emerald and ruby stone in the center and surrounded by an intricately detailed setting of diamonds with white pearls dropping from the bottom. 

Latest Necklaces by Shankarlal Jewellers

If you are looking around to play with multiple colored gemstones and not just one this is the piece for you. This Navaratan necklace stoned single-layered Kundan look necklace has varied vibrant colored gemstones teamed up together in lines that accentuate the whole trendy and fresh feel of the piece. The colors used are also complementing really well with each other. The highlight is the usage of white stones as a neutralizer to not make it look very gaudy with colors. 

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