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Ruby Bridal Chokers by Satyanarayana Jewellers

Today, the collection is an inspired collection woven around a single theme. The theme like the other posts that involve various kinds of work or bridal jewelry marking a particular time and so on is not the case this time. This collection is designed around a particular color scheme.

The color of the day is ruby, yes we know its not a color, but in jewelry terms, it does have a major color reference. The collection is for the soon to be brides who want to craft their look around rubies. It consists of ruby necklaces in choker pattern embedded with rubies and is presented by Satyanarayan Jewellers. 

Ruby bridal chokers by Satyanarayana Jewellers

The necklace, shown in the first picture reeks a multidimensionality personality that includes traditional aspects combined over some fine jewelry tricks to overall present a cocktail look that can go well with any outfit. The diamond necklace starts with a diamond-embellished designed string that finally merges into ruby patterns as the top and the bottom layer. It has multiple layers in 3 lines with the first and the last having the same diamond gold and ruby merger and the center one is a sleek diamond chain.  

Ruby bridal chokers by Satyanarayana Jewellers

A beautiful and elegant piece had a definition then it can be presented by the choker in the above picture. The necklace is a very subtly designed piece with highly represented rubies in a diamond shape and heart-shaped rubies as drops in the bottom. 

The minimal gold reference and more of diamonds combined with the ruby reds also bring a very warm and elegant feel to the choker. 

Ruby bridal chokers by Satyanarayana Jewellers

Colors add a dynamic twist to jewelry designs especially when they come through using the huge gemstones. The red rubies choker neckpiece is a very basic necklace yet it reeks elegance. Designed with red and pink shades of beads and rubies, the entire look is balanced by golden borders with diamonds pieces. It is a banded choker with widely used pinks and reds with highlights of diamond embellishments.

 It has a vintage touch, an antique feel and a very celebrated artsy look that will go well with every occasion giving a different altogether when paired up with sarees especially the ones with a traditional blend. Personally, I like the pink shading out to the ruby red color by the bottom. The spokes at the top layer and the drops at the bottom of the choker add a different dynamism to this necklace. 

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