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Kiara Advani Kundan Diamond Sets

Kiara Advani, currently spellbinding the audience with its latest release- Kabir Singh, is a beauty that is rare and features that are unique in their own way. Today's collection is also being represented by her. Kiara has been the ambassador for Rose jewelry for years now. 

In this collection too, Kiara is presenting the House of Rose' exclusive necklace sets involving some traditional Kundan work and embedded with flat diamond throughout. They have a slight color pump to it yet has a very subtle yet prominent feel to it. 

Kiara Advani Kundan Diamond Sets

They are all embedded in diamond settings and has a make rich in ethnicity and rooting traditional jewelry. Let's have a look at these pieces one by one.

The choker necklace is an outlay spread of diamond embellishments all over the necklace with a pendant of floral-shaped just as the earrings that are also in the same design pattern. It has a spread of diamond detailed work with pink rubies embedded in the center of the necklace and the earrings. The necklace also observes drop south sea pearls and red rounded beads at the bottom of it.

Kiara Advani Kundan Diamond Sets

The first one observed a white layout completely with pink hints through rubies while the second one was a mix of color tints. The celebrity jewelry style in the last picture has sets which are gold-based with diamonds embedded in the designs. The fusion of dark beads and light green beads and diamond in each of the pieces from the set looks elegant and extremely beautiful. It also has colored stones embedded on the design covers that brings a tint of color in between the pastel and diamond hues. 

Kiara Advani Kundan Diamond Sets

The last picture displays an extremely beautiful set setting standards with its flamboyant feel and the spread of diamonds on a large scale. It is an exquisitely made long harams with multiple layers of designs falling down.

It looks like multiple necklaces together forming a set but they are basically one with multiple layering. It is a Kundan haram that has huge rounded shaped designs flowing through the necklace pattern. It also has emerald beads intact hanging at the bottom of these design structures. What is special about these harams is that they are so heavy in the structure that it can make even a simple saree look royal and classy with it.

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