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Large Diamond Earrings by Tibarumal

In the world of the discovery of jewels and some precious stones, we are making the most of it to use them to craft artistic pieces and to combine them in a way to deliver some amazing pieces of jewelry. Pieces that woman can proudly boast of and that enhances their beauty and presence.

Today, in the talk we have a collection by Tibarumal of diamond jhumkas or diamond earrings in different varieties to suit various occasions. These designer earrings can be paired up with diamond necklaces or can just be worn with a bare neck look to portray the chic style. These earrings are different in the sense of make, style and incorporate settings of various precious stones and so on.

Large Diamond Earrings by Tibarumal

The jhumka and the other earring are a unique assortment of some beautiful design that it has two layers of drop-shaped cone pattern one above the other below which is a very special design among the trends. It is a very sleek and exquisite design that involves a great spread of diamond embellishments all over the jhumka. The stud also has a very beautiful design theme with a pink ruby bead in a droplet shape studded right in the center of the top and the bottom. The jhumkas as the drop from the earring has its own charm with the netted themed diamond-embellished design. White beads hang at the bottom of each of the layer of jhumkas that add a dimension to this whole design. 

Large Diamond Earrings by Tibarumal

Anothe pair of earrings crafted in combination of diamonds jhumkas and beads. The mix of beads and diamond with precious stones are fusionend together to carve out an ethnic yet fine jewellery piece. It has pink beads dropping in layers from the top with souths sea pearls attached at the bottom of these layers. The top has a floral layout with green emerald beads embedded in a circular manner. It is a beautiful earring perfect to pair it up with a cocktail dress. 

Large Diamond Earrings by Tibarumal

This is another magical pair of emerald earrings crafted in emerald stones as the top and bottom. It basically has two huge emerald stones each put up on the top and bottom and surrounded with diamond work. It gives a nice color pop to the earring and makes it look trendy and open to the latest trends. 

The entire design is woven around the theme of mesh designs interlinked with each other with a center emerald studded on the stud and the bottom.

The color scheme of the earrings is gold paired up with diamonds and golden layout. It has a sleek design carved out of gold. There are round patterns carved out of gold going through the entire earring.

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