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Sonam Kapoor Bridal Polki Haram designs

To follow up with the trend of beautiful Polki work jewelry, this collection exhibits the chokers and the long-chain pattern but in a heavy diamond-embellished layout suitable for Bridal jewelry. The pieces are fine in their make and look really elegant in the full diamond finish given to them. The entire concept of Polki is woven around the idea of huge diamonds embedded on the design, it always has a very ravishing look that it gives to any piece of jewelry wherein this kind of work is showcased.

Sonam Kapoor has is a gorgeous woman who always has her style on point. Their pick among jewelry has always been so strong that it feels like a Midas touch. Anything they wear becomes a trend.

Sonam Kapoor Bridal Polki Haram designs

The specifics of this necklace is the gold layout with different shades of white beads. The band layer has flat diamonds and Polki diamond layered in the band. The necklace also has blue stones in one of the layers. Overall the Kundan feel has a very classic antique look to it. The amalgamating pendant design at the top layer where diamond drops are interlinked with each other and a droplet-shaped design falls at the center looks quite unique and elegant.

Sonam Kapoor Bridal Polki Haram designs

The above diamond necklace has a very simple outlay that looks very subtle but the huge polki diamonds augmented on the set bring out a feel suitable for brides to wear on their ceremonies. It has a rounded kind of structured each embedded with single-cut diamond pieces and sapphire drops.

The rounded structures are interlinked together are based on 22-carat gold. It has a very fine jewelry kind of feel and purely white theme which makes it perfect to pair up with a whole lot of outfits. The earrings matching to this set are also studs with diamond top surrounded by a layering of cut diamond pieces complementing the style of the necklace.

Sonam Kapoor Bridal Polki Haram designs

The celebrity jewelry style in the last picture has sets which are gold-based with diamonds embedded in the designs. The fusion of dark beads and sapphire beads and diamond in each of the pieces from the set looks elegant and extremely beautiful. It also has colored stones embedded on the design covers that brings a tint of color in between the pastel and diamond hues. 

It looks like multiple necklaces together forming a set but they are basically one with multiple layering. It is a Polki haram that has huge rounded shaped designs flowing through the necklace pattern.

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